The Full Circle Education Program is a unique opportunity for high school students with an interest in dance, theatre, and visual arts to be immersed in the creative process and follow the production of IONA’s evening-length work, Dominion through rehearsals to the stage.

Participants in the program will be invited to a special performance of Dominion at the Hawaii Theatre, followed by a Q&A with the dancers. Students will also have access to online resources which will include video lessons on costume design, sets, choreography, marketing, and arts administration. Students who complete the program will also receive priority consideration for internships with IONA.

IONA’s body of work is a masterful mixture of dance, theatre, and design; and Dominion is a beautiful and poignant example of how the arts bring awareness to social causes. The work echoes a growing concern we have in today’s world over the mistreatment and extinction of animals. The show goes a step further to examine humankind’s dominion over the food industry in the use of genetic engineering and the sourcing of new “miracle foods” that promote life. IONA Artistic Director Cheryl Flaharty has created a visual and visceral masterpiece featuring 25 dancers, LED video screens, and interactive digital animations. Dominion demonstrates the spirit of life we share with the animals who roam our planet and our living rooms, while taking a humorous and sometimes shocking look at the foods we eat.

Allowing students to examine the ideas and skills behind Dominion exposes them to the intricacies and aspects of production that may not be available to them in their current programs. The Full Circle Education Program will enhance their current knowledge, as well as allow them to engage with professionals in a learning-feedback platform that connects the arts to the real world.

FREE PERFORMANCE OF DOMINION with Q&A - Thursday, May 9th 7-10 pm at Hawaii Theatre, 1130 Bethel St.