Please join us in supporting the Arts during this challenging time by making a donation to IONA Contemporary Dance Theatre - Hawaii’s leading dance company.

IONA has been severely affected by Covid-19. We have lost $54,000 in revenue through our Creative Services program which seriously affects our dancers and production staff. Other programs are also at risk and we need your help now.

Several IONA fans have already stepped up to the plate to support IONA’s brilliant work in our community and we hope that you will too!

“In these unprecedented times, my family has decided to dramatically increase our charitable giving and to do it in support of organizations that matter to us and we trust with unrestricted funds.  While this obviously includes support for the safety net to help people who will be really challenged under the current circumstances, it also includes the arts which we feel will be a vital piece in the renewed heartbeat of our community coming out of all of this.” (anonymous donor)

Please support the Arts in Hawaii today! Give a little or a lot if you're able. IONA will return the favor with a renewed spirit and creativity that exceeds all expectations. Mahalo for your support!