IONA's 2013 GALA
September 22, 2013

IONA's 2013 Gala, The Orient Express was truly a night to remember.

Inspired by this fabled steam train of yesteryear, IONA dancers, unique costumes, and fabulous table decor enthralled our guests and created a magical journey across Europe. From our steamy Conductress to our Venetian rovers, the IONA dancers knocked it out of the park once again with a spectacular performance.

From the gaiety of Paris, to our mind blowing mini-gondola crossing the Helemua pool, and on to the mysterious sensuality of the orient, IONA’s Orient Express conjured a mythical place and time. The visual sensory banquet was complemented by an incomparable feast of edible delicacies from the Sheraton Waikiki and libations from Southern Wine & Spirits.

A big MAHALO to all our event sponsors and attendees for supporting
IONA Contemporary Dance Theatre.