2011 Annual Gala
The Return of Quetzalcoatl

It was “the end of the world as we know it” on October 8th at the Sheraton Waikiki Helumoa Pool as the Mayans prepared for the 2012 Reawakening and Quetzalcoatl’s return. Epicurean delights featuring chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate highlighted the talents of rising star, Chef Colin Hazama, embodying earthen goodness and deep flavors to arouse Quetzalcoatl, the guest of honor for the evening.

IONA unveiled a record number of new characters at the Gala! The stunning Milky Way Fountain hovering over the pool, a team of mischievous aerial animals twirling above and tinkering below, the vibrant Happy Hibiscus, and the dynamic Acrobatic Lizards mesmerizing guests with their eyes.

The party didn’t stop with IONA’s roaming never-ending beverages Maya Tai and Tequila Sunrise. Bottoms up with a surprise birthday party for Mayor Carlisle! Grace fluttered through Mayan gardens with the Jade Orchid and Night Butterfly, and bounded through the air with Maya’s Calendar Boys delivering hot dates for 2012!

Guests were presented their Mayan Horoscope telepathically by enchanting Golden Astrology Statues and received a souvenir copy at the Astrology Cabana. Sheila Ta Kill Ya’s Liquid Lounge and the Cat-A-Clysmic Cactus Club were some of the themed sponsor tables around the pool. The Prickly Cactus Flowers of Orange County were in tight competition for dressing the part with The Magic Monkey’s Magnetic Field Day guests on safari as everyone got into character.??

Thanks to everyone that joined in the fun! IONA’s gala and auction raised over $40,000 to support IONA’s operations. Enormous appreciation goes to all the generous auction donors and shoppers, event sponsors, the Sheraton Waikiki, and of course HPU’s Cheer Squad and Dance Team, and our fantastic volunteers!??If you missed Maya in 2011, it is not too late to support IONA. Your generous contributions are greatly appreciated.

IONA’s Gala is always THE party of the year. Details for 2012 coming soon!