“As always with Flaharty’s creations, the whole assemblage is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, asserting her and her company once again as one of the most innovative forces in Hawaii today.”
The Honolulu Advertiser


As Hawai’i’s premier dance ensemble, IONA Contemporary Dance Theatre is renowned for their harmonious and innovative blend of Eastern, Western and indigenous influences. IONA’s visionary Artistic Director, Cheryl Flaharty, has been mesmerizing audiences for over two decades with her one-of-a-kind viewer-attuned performances. From the company’s adored classic, ‘The Mythology of Angels,’ to Flaharty’s tour de force, ‘Destiny,’ IONA masterfully moves the heart through storytelling and symbolism. The 20+ member troupe melds luxuriant costumes and staging, witty spoken word, and the power of music and video to create a consummate experience that reaches beyond dance to total theatre.

IONA has developed audiences for dance through their numerous collaborations including the Hawaii Opera Theatre’s 'Macbeth' and 'The Tales of Hoffman'. The Company has toured their work to San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Utah, Wisconsin, Alaska, and Shanghai, China. IONA has continued to diversify and attract audiences for dance through alliances with the business community, creating custom performances for local and international corporations. Voted “Hawaii’s Best Dance Company” by the Honolulu Weekly, the Company currently performs for an annual statewide audience of 25,000.


IONA Contemporary Dance Theatre is dedicated to the creation
and performance of innovative dance/theatre works that provide transformational imagery and messages.


We see our work as a vehicle for spiritual evolution, and strive to awaken the consciousness of both the performer and the audience to recognize the oneness of humanity.

Through the merging of Eastern and Western sensitivities, we see IONA as a voice of contemporary Hawai’i, demonstrating to the world, our values of respect for nature and multiculturalism.

Though the aspects of beauty and creativity as rooted in the art of dance, we seek to encourage cultural reverence and world peace, environmental and animal protection, and the rise of the feminine spirit on the planet.