Ola Ko'u Akua Wahine!
"Flaharty’s costumes are living works of art, rooted in antiquity, and brought to life by the IONA dancers in our community."

The creation of four ground breaking and epic new costumes by IONA Artistic Director Cheryl Flaharty inspired by the Hawaiian goddesses Pele, Hi‘iaka, Poli’ahu, and Namaka. Oh My Goddess! demonstrates the power, beauty, and resilience of the awakened feminine and reminds us of our intricate kinship with nature and the need to nurture and protect our aina.

Costume Design:
Cheryl Flaharty

Costume Construction:
Cheryl Flaharty and Dee Laris (plus a few sweet menehune)

Program Mentors/Collaborators:
Kini Zamora, Kim Taylor Reece, Ryan Sueoka, and Mary Charles.

Program Supporters:
Stan and Fluffy Zisk, Mary Charles, Sheila O’Keefe, Elizabeth Wong.

Our first creation, Namaka, Goddess of the Sea was premiered on March 28th at the Hawaii Symphony's Ho'ala concert. Please join us in bringing the rest of the goddesses to life with your support.

Contributions in support of Oh My Goddess! / Ola Ko‘u Akua Wahine! can be made to:
Nova Arts Foundation • PO Box 670 • Kailua, HI 96734